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The Ultimate Castor System for Light Aircraft

Welcome to Aerojack

The sole UK agency for the 'GoJak 4100 / 4107, the Angled Ratchet Lever, which has been specifically designed for moving aircraft around hangars. Each GoJak has a load rating of 1025lbs (464kg) so it is the ultimate product for aircraft weighing under 3075lbs, Light Sport Aircraft, Microlights, Ultralights, Kit aircraft, Gliders and Gyrocopters.

The GoJak 4107 is the updated version of the original 4100 GoJak unit.  All units going out now are the GoJak 4107.

The GoJak 4100 / 4107 is an essential item for any hangar

Cessna 120

The GoJak 4100 / 4107 is an essential part of any hangar