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The Ultimate Castor System for Light Aircraft


GoJak® was born in the body shop. In 1984 Mr Al Coccaro, President of the Zendex Tool Corp designed the product when he needed an efficient means to move cars sideways to improve internal traffic flow in his auto body shop.

After reviewing available methods, he soon realized the limitations of existing jacks and dollies. With all the different axle widths, wheelbases, wheel sizes and tyre widths, most jacks simply would not work. The time-consuming task to jack up each wheel with a floor jack and insert a dolly was not acceptable. Clearly a better way was needed.

After much trial and error, he conceived the GoJak® self-loading dolly. For more than twenty years now, Mr Coccaro has manufactured GoJak® and a variety of other useful shop products. It’s so true: necessity is the mother of invention.

Due to the phenomenal success of the 'Car' GoJak it got the company thinking about other uses.  This naturally spread to vehicles with smaller wheels of which light aircraft fit into the category perfectly.  After months of research and development the GoJak 4100 was created specifically designed for light aircraft.